Current members

Tematuanui a Tehei Hantz
MSc student
Failure and damage characterization of natural Pinctada nacre shells and translation to synthetic cimentitious materials

(MSc defense in 2021)

Pearl Agape Tetteh
MSc student
Incorporation of adsorbent particles for resilient and self-healing cementitious grouts

(MSc defense in 2021)

Ana Cláudia Pinto Dabés Guimarães
PhD student
Use of sea-shells for environmental-friendly concretes

(PhD defense in 2022)

Victor Okumko
MSc/PhD Student
Crystallisation-induced damage in heterogeneous porous media in the context of the erosion of the French Basque coast and the damage of its protection buildings

(MSc defense 15-07-2019)
(PhD defense in 2022)

Youssef Khaldouni
PhD Student
Coupling classical DFT with poromechanics for adsorption-induced swelling quantification in microporous materials

(PhD defense in 2022)

Antoine Barthes
MSc/PhD Student
Crystallization of water in nanoporous materials and its induced impact on the solid matrix

(MSc defense 07-09-2020)(PhD defense in 2023)

Akli Kahlal
MSc student
Experimental investigation on adsorption, deformation and transport couplings in microporous materials & efficient algorithm for the use of classical DFT in porous media

(MSc defense in 2021)

Andrew Wilson
MSc student
Use of Common slipper shells for environmental-friendly and high-performance cement-based grouts

(MSc defense in 2021)

Flavien Thierry
Postdoc fellow
Cast3m modelling of crystallisation-induced damage in heterogeneous porous media

(12 months 2020/2021)

Martín Pérez-Rodríguez
Postdoc fellow
Molecular simulation of fluid confinement and crystallisation effects

(24 months 2020/2022)

Madura Pathirage
Postdoc fellow
Lattice discrete particle modelling of crystallisation-induced damage in heterogeneous porous media

(20 months 2020/2022)

Islam Lebouachera

Research engineer(16 months 2020/2021)

Dominic Gomes

Research assistant(16 months 2020/2021)

Marie Ferreira

Administrative(permanent staff)


Olivier Nouailletas
Postdoc fellow

Fracture and permeability of heterogeneous quasi-brittle media(24 months 2013/2015)Research engineer(3 ans 2017/2020)
Now: research engineerSIAME ISABTP UPPA

Bruno Leclere
PhD Student

Crystallisation-induced damage under confined reservoirs conditions(PhD defense 18-02-2021)Now: seeking for a postdoc position

Beñat Urchegui

Research assistant(2 years 2015/2017)
Now: Boilermaker

Fernando F. Mendonça
PhD student

Combined neutron and X-ray imaging for the characterization of in situ crystallisation-induced cracking in the context of cultural heritage preservation
Now: PhD studentDelft Univ., Netherland

Lionel Ecay
MSc/PhD student

Concrete transfer properties evolution and nuclear containment vessel tightness assessment during an accident(MSc defense 01/09/2014)(PhD defense 17-12-2018)
Now: structural engineer
Ingeni, Switzerland

Elvis Baffoe
MSc student

On the evaluation of Oyster and Nacre as high performance cement-based grouts for geothermal well cementation(MSc defense 15-07-2019)
Now: PhD studentUniv. Miami, USA

Audrey Gabard
MSc student (M1)

Recycling sea shell wastes in drilling fluids(M1 defense 26-06-2019)

Moustafa Sebaa
MSc student

Crystallisation-induced damage in heterogeneous rocks -Application to haloclasty(MSc defense 07-09-2020)
Now: PhD studentUJF Grenoble, France

Laura Rojas-Solano
PhD student

Non-local damage, interactions and size effect(PhD defense 07-12-2012)
Now: Field Perf. Analyst, Goodyear, Luxembourg.

Fadi Khaddour
PhD student

Production enhancement of Tight Gas Reservoirs(PhD defense 11-04-2014)
Now: Assistant ProfessorAl-Baath Univ. Holms, Syria

Carine Malheiro
Postdoc fellow

Estimation of adsorption-induced pore pressure by DFT(12 months 2014/2015)
Now: Teacher

Fabrizio Croccolo
Postdoc fellow

Experimental determination of a saturation front in a porous medium(12 months 2014/2015)
Now: E2S Chair ProfessorLFCR UPPA

Laurent Perrier
PhD student

Coupling between adsorption and strain in microporous media(PhD defense 10-12-2015)

Postdoc fellow

Coupling between adsorption/deformation/transport in porous media(24 months 2015/2017)
Now: Assistant ProfessorLFCR, UPPA

Vincent Lefort
PhD student

A lattice model for crack propagation simulation under fluid injection in a quasi-brittle heterogeneous medium(PhD defense 04-07-2016)
Now: Eng. school teacherISABTP, UPPA