Current members

MSc & PhD students

Antoine Barthes

MSc/PhD StudentCrystallization of water in nanoporous materials and its induced impact on the solid matrix(MSc  defense 07-09-2020)(PhD defense in 2024)

Akli Kahlal

MSc/PhD StudentTowards a DFT approach to elasticity and fracture in porous materials(MSc defense 13-09-2021)(PhD defense in 2024)

Tematuanui a Tehei Hantz

MSc/PhD StudentUse of French Polynesia Pinctada pearl oyster shells for environmental-friendly concrete(PhD defense in 2024)

Andrew Wilson

MSc/PhD StudentRecycling of natural and industrial wastes for environmental-friendly and high-performance multifunctional cement-based grouts(PhD defense in 2024)

Benhur Tilahun Mekonnen

PhD StudentSynthesis of nanostructured and hierarchical micro/mesoporous materials for the study of adsorption-induced deformation in the context of gas storage and transport (PhD defense in 2024)

Danyang Tong

PhD StudentComputational modeling of long-term thermo-hydraulic behavior of frozen ground through discrete-continuum simulation of cyclic phase transition at the pore scale(PhD defense in 2025)

Current collaborators

Marie Ferreira

Administrative(permanent staff)

Alumni & former collaborators

PhD students

Bruno Leclere

PhD StudentCrystallisation-induced damage under confined reservoirs conditions(PhD defense 18-02-2021)
Following position:
Project surveyor
Allseas Group S.A

Ana Cláudia Pinto Dabés Guimarães

PhD StudentUse of oyster shell (Crassostrea gigas) as aggregate replacement for producing environmentally-friendly concrete(PhD defense 09-05-2022)
Following position:
Sustainability and carbon reduction advisor
BAM Nuttall

Youssef Khaldouni

PhD StudentCoupling between poroelasticity and density functional theory for the estimation of adsorption-induced deformations in nanoporous materials(PhD defense 15-05-2023)
Following position:
Design and methanisation

Victor Okumko

MSc/PhD StudentCrystallisation-induced damage in heterogeneous porous media in the context of the erosion of the French Basque coast and the damage of its protection buildings(MSc defense 15-07-2019)
(PhD defense 18-07-2023)
Following position:
Postdoctoral fellow SOLEIL synchrotron

Laura Rojas-Solano

PhD StudentNon-local damage, interactions and size effect(PhD defense 07-12-2012)
Following position:Field Perf. Analyst, Goodyear

Fadi Khaddour

PhD StudentProduction enhancement of Tight Gas Reservoirs(PhD defense 11-04-2014)
Following position:Assistant Professor Al-Baath Univ. Holms, Syria

Laurent Perrier

PhD StudentCoupling between adsorption and strain in microporous media(PhD defense 10-12-2015)
Postdoc fellowCoupling between adsorption/deformation/transport in porous media(24 months 2015/2017)
Following position:Assistant Professor LFCR, UPPA

Vincent Lefort

PhD StudentA lattice model for crack propagation simulation under fluid injection in a quasi-brittle heterogeneous medium(PhD defense 04-07-2016)
Following position:Engineering school teacher, ISABTP-UPPA

Fernando F. Mendonça

PhD StudentCombined neutron and X-ray imaging for the characterization of in situ crystallisation-induced cracking in the context of cultural heritage preservation
Following position:PhD candidate
Delft University

Lionel Ecay

MSc/PhD StudentConcrete transfer properties evolution and nuclear containment vessel tightness assessment during an accident(MSc defense 01/09/2014)(PhD defense 17-12-2018)
Following position:Structural engineerIngeni

MSc students

Ali Haidar

MSc student (M2)Characterization of the spatial correlations induced during seismic tremors : focus on the 2010 eruption of Eyjafjallajökull(M2 defense 13-07-2022)
Following position:PhD candidate
Liège University

Sara Khalil

MSc student (M2)Characterisation of the mechanical and petrophysical properties of the Barrois limestone formation(M2 defense 13-07-2022)Project engineer(11 months 2023)
Following position:PhD candidate
Université Clermont Auvergne, France

Amandia Reynal

MSc student (M1)Use of sea shells as aggregate replacement for producing environmentally-friendly concrete(M1 defense 03-07-2023)
Following position:Student apprentice Eiffage, France

Maryline Comoe

MSc student (M1)Use of sea shells as aggregate replacement for producing environmentally-friendly concrete(M1 defense 23-03-2023)
Following position:M2 master student CESI, France

Elvis Baffoe

MSc student (M2)On the evaluation of Oyster and Nacre as high performance cement-based grouts for geothermal well cementation(MSc defense 15-07-2019)
Following position:PhD candidateUniversity of Miami

Audrey Gabard

MSc student (M1)Recycling sea shell wastes in drilling fluids(M1 defense 26-06-2019)
Following position:M2 master student UPPA, France

Moustafa Sebaa

MSc student (M2)Crystallisation-induced damage in heterogeneous rocks -Application to haloclasty(MSc defense 07-09-2020)
Following position:PhD candidateUniversity Grenoble Alpes, France

Pearl Agape Tetteh

MSc student (M2)Incorporation of adsorbent particles for resilient and self-healing cementitious grouts(MSc defense 13-09-2021)
Following position:
PhD candidate
The University of New Mexico

Fleurian Grégoire

MSc student (M1)Seashell granular skeleton concrete optimisation(M1 defense 29-10-2021)
Following position:M2 master student CESI, France

Mustapha Mennane

MSc student (M1)Seashell granular skeleton concrete optimisation(M1 defense 29-10-2021)
Following position:M2 master student CESI, France

Postdoc fellows

Vitor de Morais Sermoud

Postdoc fellowModeling of crystallization-induced damage with Density Functional Theory(12 months 2022/2023)
Following position:
Postdoc fellow
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Olivier Nouailletas

Postdoc fellowFracture and permeability of heterogeneous quasi-brittle media(24 months 2013/2015)Research engineer(3 ans 2017/2020)
Following position:
Research engineer

Carine Malheiro

Postdoc fellowEstimation of adsorption-induced pore pressure by DFT(12 months 2014/2015)
Following position:Teacher, France

Fabrizio Croccolo

Postdoc fellowExperimental determination of a saturation front in a porous medium(12 months 2014/2015)
Following position:E2S senior Chair
UPPA, France

Flavien Thierry

Postdoc fellowCast3m modelling of crystallisation-induced damage in heterogeneous porous media(12 months 2020/2021)
Following position:
Postdoc fellow
UPPA, France

Martín Pérez-Rodríguez

Postdoc fellowMolecular simulation of fluid confinement and crystallisation effects(24 months 2020/2022)
Following position:
Senior scientist
Blas Cabrera Institute of Physical Chemistry, Spain

Madura Pathirage

Postdoc fellowLattice discrete particle modelling of crystallisation-induced damage in heterogeneous porous media(20 months 2020/2022)
Following position:
Assistant Professor
The University of New Mexico, USA

Former collaborators

Beñat Urchegui

Research assistant(2 years 2015/2017)
Following position:BoilermakerFrance

Islam Lebouachera

Research engineer(16 months 2020/2021)
Following position:Process engineering project managerSCT Ceramics, France

Dominic Gomes

Research assistant(16 months 2020/2021)
Following position:CNAM master student